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Accelerated Book Creation

Effortlessly generate chapters, events, topics, and storylines within minutes.

Personalized For You

Enhance with illustrations, build on accurate facts, add dialogues or customer quotes.

Uncompromised Quality

Blend the best of AI innovations and proven traditional methods to deliver perfection.

"I’m so pleased with how simple it was to create a book ready for publication. Amazon checked it before release and didn’t find any issues, which was a huge relief. Good job!"

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Lead magnets for your business

Empower marketing teams and individuals to create high-quality, professional books that serve as powerful lead magnets—in just minutes.

  • Build what your audience wants – utilize your data, reference scientific sources, incorporate customer feedback. coming soon
  • Customize each book to reflect your unique branding style.
  • Complete long-form lead magnets in a fraction of the usual time.
  • Use our auto-editor and auto-formatter to optimize for cost-efficiency and speed

AI books ready for publishing

Swiss-army knife for AI publishers. Start with an idea, and we'll expand it into a full niche book, ready for publishing on platforms such as Amazon KDP, Draft2Digital, and more.

  • Strong Fiction and Non-Fiction support
  • Create books with unlimited number of pages.
  • Ensure strict validation with our ePub & DocX export
  • Generate marketing materials for publishing.
  • Each chapter is enhanced with complementary illustrations.

New ways to express yourself

Designed for content creators to repurpose existing content into complete books. Establish a new communication channel with your audience.

  • Allow AI to cleverly combine your existing content
    coming soon
  • Ensure your personal visual and writing styles are captured in your book
  • Give full control to AI or use it as an assistant
  • Create beautiful and engaging books

Designed to build quickly without compromises

We offer the most modern book creation platform, while keeping you in control and ensuring the best quality in the market.

Customize to your needs

  • Open-worded prompt for your idea
  • Unlimited size books
  • Non-fiction and fiction pipelines
  • Customize all necessary fields
  • Estimate costs

Automate as much as you want

  • Suggests and extends your idea
  • Auto chapters and sub-topics generation
  • Generates book cover and illustrations
  • Auto proofreading and editing
  • Auto formatting

Publish and distribute with ease

  • Export to ePub and DOCx formats
  • Supporting paperback book size (>79 pages)
  • Generated marketing materials for faster publishing experience
  • Guidelines for publishing on Amazon KDP

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